How we work

Welcome to The Groove Family!

Our catering service is proud to cook original, casual, clean and delicious, family friendly plant based meals. We support everyone’s wellbeing through healthy recipes that include a base of veggies and legumes mixed with any of the following: fruits, whole grains, seeds, nuts and our blends of nutritious herbs and spices. Our Eat for Balance Bowls, Vegadillas and Trays are cooked with artisan care. We are the delicious solution for vegan eaters and everyone who wants to increase their intake of veggies. 

For our traditional eating clients, we give you the choice to include in our Eat for Balance Bowls, Vegadillas and Trays animal protein options such as wild caught seafood or antibiotic free animal protein

We at The Groove are on a mission to help people find their first step into balance through live fresh food. We invite you to read who we are in About us and why you want to choose us.

We support all that is good. Local pesticide free or certified organic farmers, so we can bring to your table or desk, fresh, gluten free, non-GMO foods. We know YOU ARE BUSY and want to eat healthy delicious food. WE UNDERSTAND AND ARE HERE FOR YOU. FIRST BOWL, VEGADILLA OR TRAY IS HALF PRICE!

Free delivery in selected zones (Brickell, Downtown Miami, Coconut Grove, Little Havana, The Roads). Other zones welcome, charges may apply.

Prices do not include tax.

Our Eat For Balance Products